About Eminent Technology

Eminent Technology is an American audio electronics company based in Florida, established in 1983 by Bruce Thigpen. Their first product was an air bearing straight-line tracking tonearm for phonograph playback, and was the first implementation of a captured air bearing for tonearm use. It was followed by a more advanced version of the tonearm.

In 1985 the company began developing planar magnetic loudspeakers and in 1987 introduced the world's first full-range push-pull planar magnetic loudspeaker, the LFT-3. Another of the company's products is the Thigpen Rotary Woofer. Typical subwoofer products are inefficient at producing desired sound pressure levels at frequencies below 20 Hz, but the TRW is designed to cover the range down to 1 Hz of the sound spectrum. (The technical principle would allow even zero Hz.)

In the 90s Eminent Technology developed a smaller planar transducer for automotive applications. This was adapted for computer speakers as the LFT-11, a multimedia speaker system, The company licensed the technology to Sonigistix and it appeared in Monsoon and other brands.

In 2023 Eminent Technology debuted their newest inovation, the Model 20. The Model Twenty revolutionizes sound dispersion in a compact, lightweight package. With the diaphragm area of a 4 x 12 cabinet yet half the weight of a 1 x 12, it ensures your Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Sax, or Synthesizers are heard clearly by band members and audience alike. Its unique design allows consistent, impressive sound across the venue, eliminating the need for listeners to be right in front of the band for an optimal audio experience.

Currently five US patents have been granted to Eminent Technology products. The company manufactures most of its products at its own facility in Tallahassee, Florida.