The Model Twenty

The Worlds First Flat Panel Guitar Speaker.

The electric guitar has been shackled to archaic technology for seven decades, relying on the same old direct radiator loudspeaker.

It's time to shatter the status quo with a groundbreaking innovation: the first-ever flat panel guitar speaker cabinet.

Not only does this revolutionary design promise a seismic shift in sound quality, but it also stands as the inaugural green technology loudspeaker, heralding a new era of eco-conscious audio engineering.

Feel it in your chest

The Model Twenty is an open back design that plays an that allows for an octave lower and an octave higher than a traditional guitar speaker cabs. With ports in the back allowing for clarity in the lower register.

One to rule them all

Switchable settings allow for sonic opimization. A clean flat response for acoustic guitar or other instrumentation. Two lead settings for cab sounds specifically voiced for electric guitar.

Easy on your back and the environment

The Model Twenty boasts a diaphragm area akin to a 4 x 12 cab but uses far fewer materials than a 1 x 10 cab, slashing material consumption in production. Moreover, since transporting equipment guzzles more fuel than the electricity used at a gig, this technology eliminates the need for trailers or vans, drastically cutting the carbon footprint in the music industry's performance sector.